How Does SIIRE Work

 The length of the program from beginning to end is three years for the undergraduate portion and approximately a year and a half for the graduate portion. Thus, a student would graduate in roughly five and a half years.

The program is divided in the following way:

Phase 1

  • Freshman students are recruited and can apply during their Spring semester for Phase 1 scholarship ($1000 per semester) that starts in the fall of their Sophomore year.
  • During the sophomore year the student is matched with participating College of Engineering faculty. The student will participate in career enrichment activities.
  • In the summer between the sophomore and junior year, students will participate in a co-op or research experience. A faculty member will serve as a mentor during the co-op or research experience.
  • Junior year, in the fall, students develop a phase 2 application (essentially a preliminary graduate school application).

Phase 2

  • In the spring semester of the junior year, students continue enrichment activities and they identify possible co-op and research opportunities. The scholarship increases to $2000 per semester.
  • During the summer of the Junior year the student will participate in a co-op or research experience.
  • In the student’s senior year, the scholarship will be $2000 per semester, they will continue their enrichment activities and apply for graduate school.

Phase 3

  • Year 1 Graduate Studies:  After their senior year, the student is strongly encourage to have an industry related internship that can lead to potential topics for graduate research. During the student’s first year in graduate studies, the student’s graduate tuition and stipend are subsidized through their SIIRE Scholarship and UA matching support via a graduate tuition waiver.
  • Year 2 Graduate Studies:  After successfully completing their 1st year of graduate studies, the student is strongly encouraged to intern within industry, continuing their graduate research topic.  The student will then return for their final semester of graduate studies where they will complete and defend their research thesis work as well as any courses necessary to complete their degree requirements. The student’s graduate tuition and stipend will be subsidized through their SIIRE Scholarship and UA graduate tuition waiver.